Modern Music for Solo Guitar

An album of music, written and performed by Tim Brace, for classical guitar (released 2019).

(scores of the pieces can be found on the guitar solos link on this site)

All pieces can be heard and/or downloaded at Amazon or iTunes, and streamed on all major streaming services.

A Short Amusement
A modest little thing, the first piece I wrote for classical guitar
Tune for Conor
A love song to my brilliant, beautiful, and graceful son
Five Small Pieces No. 1
One of several expressionist pieces I wrote while studying composition in Vienna (with Gunther Kahowez).
Jagged, spare lines, concise. In the manner of Anton Webern.
Five Small Pieces No. 2
Second of the set of five. Quiet, semi-minimalist. Anticipation of something that never happens.
Five Small Pieces No. 4
Expressionist style, with varied sentiments expressed, ending in gentleness.
What happened to No. 3? I have scores available for No. 3 and No. 5 but have never recorded them.
Study No. 1
First of a set of 10 short studies in a modern style.
Study No. 3
A study, #2 of 10, mostly in two parts which constantly overlap. The focus is on holding one voice
while changing the note for the other voice.
Study No. 4
This study, #4 of 10, focuses the player on various statements of a short theme, in different voices on the guitar.
They might overlap, or be inverted. The entrances are marked by capital letters.
Study No. 5
This study is for practicing slurs, which consist of hammer-ons and pull-offs for the left hand.
A rather whimsical feel to it. I didn't title or sub-title these studies.
If I had done so, this one would be named something like "Marionette."
Study No. 7
This study, #7 of 10, focuses the player on thumb work.
The thumb is used on different strings and ranges, and has to be articulated well
but should not dominate the sound: the melody should still be clear and lyrical.
Study No. 8
This study, #8 of 10, needs a focused continuous forward motion, through several different types of textures.
Study No. 10
This study, #10 of 10, uses the bass (thumb) for much of the melody.
As with the other studies in this set, the player also needs to be (or become) comfortable with dissonance.

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