Music for Solo Guitar

A CD of music for classical guitar by Tim Brace (released 11/2004) $10 US

featuring Matthew Hinsley, guitar
and containing the following pieces:

(scores of the pieces can be found on the guitar solos link on this site)

mp3 excerpts for all pieces can be heard at (opens new window)

Great News! Now the individual tracks from this cd are available from the iTunes music store in mp3 format;
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An arrangement of the classic American folk tune

Song Without Words No. 1
A farewell to a friend

Song Without Words No. 2
A love song (with a slight Latin American feel)

Song Without Words No. 3
A meditative piece subtitled "Prayer"

Wayfaring Stranger
An arrangement of the well-known folk hymn

Rhapsody for a Dancer
Inspired by a dance performance

Prelude No. 1
For  (and about) my daughter Erin Allegra

Prelude No. 2
For (and about) my son Conor

Prelude No. 3
A meditation in a Chaconne structure

Prelude No. 4
A meditation

Prelude No. 5
Built upon John Lennon's "Imagine"

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