Music for Solo Guitar

A CD of music for classical guitar by Tim Brace (released 11/2004) $10 US

featuring Matthew Hinsley, guitar

(scores of the pieces can be found on the guitar solos link on this site)

All pieces can be heard and/or downloaded at Amazon or iTunes, and streamed on all major streaming services.

An arrangement of the classic American folk tune
Song Without Words No. 1
A farewell to a friend
Song Without Words No. 2
A love song (with a slight Latin American feel)
Song Without Words No. 3
A meditative piece subtitled "Prayer"
Wayfaring Stranger
An arrangement of the well-known folk hymn
Rhapsody for a Dancer
Inspired by a dance performance
Prelude No. 1
For (and about) my daughter Erin Allegra
Prelude No. 2
For (and about) my son Conor
Prelude No. 3
A piece inspired by my love of the music of Erik Satie and of Baroque period Passacaglias and Chaconnes.
Based on a repetitive bass line and harmonies, this has a meditative feel.
Prelude No. 4
Like Prelude No 3, this is a short meditative piece originally inspired by the piano works of Erik Satie.
We wander a bit above a repetitive undulation between two chords, and then begin a descending movement,
to find ourselves finally at rest in a new place, perhaps with more clarity.
Prelude No. 5
Built upon John Lennon's "Imagine"

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