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The following choral pieces were arranged and/or composed by Tim Brace.
Unless noted otherwise, they are free of charge. Just click on the title to download the full score.

Tim Brace retains all rights of publication and all relevant copyrights.
It is a violation of these rights to widely distribute copies of any of these pieces.
For any piece that you download, you may make an appropriate number of copies for your (and your choir's) use only.
If you think others would be interested in these pieces, please direct them to this website.
Of course, this cannot be enforced, but Tim would like to keep up with the usage of this music, so please help with that.
Also, if you use these pieces, please send Tim an email and let him know.
Permission for use includes performance, recording, and streaming online.

Some pieces have links to downloadable audio files. These are midi files; they are offered to give you an idea of the arrangement;
keep in mind that they are products of a computer, not of performers.

All of these pieces are suitable for any sized choir; my choir is 10-15 with no trained singers,
so all of these pieces have very singable ranges,
nothing above an F for the soprano and tenor sections and nothing above a G for soloists.

Please revisit this site regularly.
New pieces are added as they are created (or found rummaging through older music that was never uploaded).
The first piece was uploaded in April of 2002.
The last pieces added were "I'm Not Forsakin' My Lord", "Lord, Have Mercy", and "Jesus Loves Me" in July, 2020.

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All I Have is a Song SATB (but mostly 2-pt), piano, optional flute Original words and music. Upbeat. midi
SATB plus descants, a cappella
Original piece in additive style, texture thickens as parts are added with each repeat. A good celebratory introit anytime, especially for Easter. Available for purchase at


3-voice canon a cappella

Easter or general use. Original words and music.   midi

And I Will Use My Life to Praise Your Name
SATB with piano accompaniment
Original words and music; chant-like in some places, mostly two-part. midi.
Be Thou My Vision
SATB with piano, Bb Clarinet or flute obligato
Well-known hymn to traditional Irish tune.
Bring Me a Little Water, Sylvie SATB a cappella with soloist Traditional African-American folk song, attributed to Huddie Ledbetter (Lead Belly). Choral part is very chordal. Available for purchase at
Cantate Domino SAB, piano Original(-ish). Latin text over a Renaissance ground I stole from Monteverdi (he stole it, too). Chant-like vocals over a spirited piano part.
Catalan Carol SATB, piano, classical guitar, children's voice(s) Arrangement of traditional Christmas carol. Guitar and children's voices are intended but not necessary.
Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus Women's voices (SSA or SAA) a cappella Arrangement of traditional Advent hymn. Rich harmonies. Available for purchase at  midi
Compassion Chant SATB with chordal accompaniment An easy arrangement of a Buddhist chant on compassion. I have added two verses to the original lyric: one for Guan Yin, a Boddhisattva in Chinese Buddhism, and one for Jesus, the embodiment of compassion in the Christian tradition. A good way to recognize the wisdom in other faith traditions. Or if you prefer, just sing the 3rd (Latin) verse. mp3
Divine Embrace
2 equal voices, plus 2soloists, flute and piano
Based on a medieval melody by Machaut. Original lyrics.
Follow the Light SATB, piano Original words and music. Upbeat and joyful.midi
Hail to the Lord's Anointed
SATB with keyboard and three trumpets
Traditional Christian hymn for choir, congregation, keyboard, and three trumpets. Bb major. Not difficult.
He Leadeth Me SATB (mostly 2 part), piano, jazz soloist Arrangement of traditional hymn. Rich, expansive harmonies and relaxed, jazz feel. Available for purchase at at   mp3
He Never Said a Mumblin' Word Men's voices a cappella For Good Friday (Tenebrae). Arrangement.
Holy Jesus, Hear Our Call
Three equal voices, a cappella
A 3 voice canon. An original work, it makes a nice prelude or gathering piece. About two minutes in duration. Available for purchase at at
Holy Lord, Holy Light
SATB with piano accompaniment
Original piece for Lent or general use. midi.
Holy Lord, O Come to Us
SATB with guitar accompaniment
Advent piece for choir with guitar(s) accompaniment. Easy to learn. Mostly two-part. Original words and music.
Hosanna! King Jesus Comes! 2 equal voices, piano, optional 3 trumpets Original words and music. Joyous piece, easy to learn. For Advent or Holy Week. Vocal score, trumpet parts, and full score all in one file. This sounds great with three trumpets, but also works with fewer trumpets or no trumpets. midi
I'm Not Forsakin' My Lord

SATB with piano/guitar Original piece in gospel/spiritual style, with chordal accompaniment. Fairly easy.
In the Bleak Midwinter

3 voices a cappella, SAA or SAT Traditional Christmas hymn.
It Is Good to Sing Praises to the Lord
SATB with piano accompaniment
Original words and music. midi
Jesus Loves Me
SATB with piano accompaniment, optional bells and unison children's voices.
Easily learned arrangement of this traditional hymn.
Lamb of God 2 voice a cappella (div to 3 briefly) Makes a nice choral prelude or response. Arrangement. Available for purchase at at
Lay Down Your Sin SATB a cappella Taize-like chant for Lent or general use. Original words and music.
Lord, Have Mercy SATB a cappella An easy arrangement, for choir, of traditional spiritual. For general use.
My Jesus, I Love Thee

3 equal voices a cappella Original arrangement of a 19th century Canadian/American hymn.
My Lord, I Give Myself to You

SATB a cappella Arrangement, with new lyrics, of a 16th century song by Orlando di Lasso.
Nearer, My God, to Thee
SATB a cappella or with guitar accompaniment
American hymn; nice piece for Lent or general use. Perform this slowly and softly. Available for purchase at  mp3

3 equal voices a cappella Prelude. Original words and music. midi
Prayer SATB a cappella Prelude. Original words and music.
Psalm 23

SSA a cappella Original arrangement of an African-American spiritual.
Shield Me In Darkness
SATB with organ
Original piece for Lent or general use.
Someone to Show the Way
SATB (and descant) with piano
Original words and music; very uplifting with a contemporary pop feel.
Spirit, Descendeth SATB a cappella or guitar/keyboard acc. Original words and music. Taize-like choral response or prelude.
Stayed on Jesus SATB a cappella with soloist Traditional African-American spiritual. Choral part is chordal.
Suffering Savior

SAB, organ, solo flute For Good Friday (Tenebrae). New lyrics and setting for a traditional American folk hymn tune. midi
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
SATB a cappella or with guitar accompaniment
African-American spiritual; with guitar accompaniment, sounds rather folky.
This Little Light of Mine SATB a cappella African-American spiritual. Arrangement inspired by The Freedom Singers.
Three Spirituals

SAB a cappella (w/soloists) African-American spirituals. Arrangements. Steal Away (w/optional piano acc), Deep River, Lord I Want to Be a Christian. (YouTube performance of Steal Away by the choral group Imago Vocis di Volpiano in Italy)
Turn Thee Toward Your Lord SAB with organ or piano
Based on a medieval melody attributed to Richard the Lion-Hearted. Easy to learn. For Lent or general use. Original lyrics and arrangement. Available for purchase at
We Will Still Remember

SAB a cappella For communion or Holy Week Original words and music. midi
When the Rain Comes Fallin' Down
SATB a cappella Original piece in spiritual style, joyous and upbeat. Hand-clapping is mandatory! A real crowd-pleaser! midi (last verse only)
When In Silence (Satie)
SATB with piano accompaniment
I have added lyrics and some vocal harmonies to Satie's Gymnopédie No. 1. Available for purchase at
You're Gonna Reap Just What You Sow SATB a cappella African-American spiritual. Arrangement. Available for purchase at Here is a performance by a small choral group in Mallorca.
Your Word is a Lamp to My Feet 2 equal voices a cappella Original work, lyrics taken from Psalm 119. Short, meditative piece for use after prayers or any time something soft, short, and prayerful is wanted.

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