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Solo and Congregational Songs


The following vocal scores, composed by Tim_Brace, are being presented to you completely free of charge.
You may download them (.pdf format), print them out, and play/sing through them (they look better printed out than they do on your monitor).
You may make unlimited copies and distribute them freely, on condition that they be attributed to Tim Brace on all copies and for all performances.
Tim Brace retains all rights of publication and all relevant copyrights. He would appreciate your emailing him and telling him if you perform any of these pieces
(he promises not to hassle you or ask for money, he would just like to know).

Some pieces have links to downloadable audio files. These are midi files; they are offered to give you an idea of the arrangement; keep in mind that they are products of a computer, not of a performer.

Please revisit this site regularly. New pieces are being added as they are composed/arranged.
Last piece added (May 2020): "Ten Congregational Chants"

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Congregational singing (can also be solo)

Ten Congregational Chants

Ten short pieces that can be easily learned, mostly meditative. With chords. Available for purchase at
Adonai, Adonai
A praise song written for the contemporary praise service at my church. Easy and quick to learn, it is upbeat and joyful; the repetitive harmonic scheme allows for easy harmonization. This will be a favorite with your congregation!
Two Hymns
Two new Congregational hymns. Both have peace and justice themes. I wrote these for a hymn competition. I didn't win, but I did end up with two nice new hymns(!) Available for purchase at mp3
To Serve You Well
Congregational song written for our stewardship campaign. Guitar and/or keyboard and voice.

We Will Still Remember

For communion or Holy Thursday. Voice and piano

Solo songs

Tenebrae Song

For Good Friday. The reaction of those watching Jesus die. With guitar(score and tab) .mid

By My Side Title song from CD. Voice and guitar tab.


Inspired by the Psalms of David. A cry from the darkness. Baritone and piano.
How Could He Live? Guitar and voice. What a delight to have Kelly Willis debut this on Easter Sunday!
And We Will Fly Guitar and voice. "Now I can see how You have shown me the Way."
What Has Love Got to Do with Me?
Guitar and voice. Kelly Willis sang this in our church this Palm Sunday (2004)
Signs Along the Way
Guitar and voice. Seeing signs of God all around us.
What's All This Mean to Me?
Guitar and voice. An Advent song.
Am I Supposed to Believe?
Guitar and voice. An Easter song.




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