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The following pieces were arranged or composed by Tim Brace. The scores on this page that are not marked "FREE" can be downloaded but are incomplete. To receive a complete and printable version, send me a check or money order (US$) - or click on "Add to Cart" and use Paypal to purchase the piece (you can then download the full version immediately). If you pay by check or money order, send it to Magnolia Arts, 6000 Shepherd Mountain Cove Apt 1602, Austin, TX 78730. Be sure to tell me which piece(s) you are purchasing.

Tim Brace retains all rights of publication and all relevant copyrights. It is a violation of these rights to distribute copies of any of these pieces. For any piece that you purchase, you may make an appropriate number of copies for your own use only. These files usually look better printed out than they do on your monitor.

Some pieces have links to downloadable audio files. Some are from the recordings By My Side, Music for Solo Guitar, or Songs of Healing (all available from this site); others are midi files. The midi files are offered to give you an idea of the arrangement; keep in mind that they are products of a computer, not of a performer.

Please bookmark this page and revisit this site regularly. New pieces are being added as they are written or arranged. The last piece added was  " Romance No. 1" (August 2007).

Great News! Now the tracks from the cd Music for Solo Guitar are available from the iTunes music store in mp3 format; if you have iTunes, just click here. (new window)

Tim Brace's email address: brace "at" (replace "at" with @)

Secular Pieces Notes
A sensitive setting of the American folk song. $3.00 US (.mp3 excerpt -- new window)
Early Studies 1-10
Good introduction to modern expanded tonality for 1st or 2nd year students. $5.00 US
Be honest now, are you training your students to understand 20-21st century tonalities? ;-)
Chaconneby Ennemond Gaultier FREE Charming 17th c. French lute piece in style brise
Preludes No.1-5
Five intermediate level preludes. The first two are character pieces; the last three are meditations. $5.00 US. Here's an excerpt from Prelude No.2 (.mp3 -- new window)
Rondeau by Logy
Nice piece by well-known 17th century lutenist (.mid)
Fantasia  by Fuenllana FREE In the Netherlands style by the 16th century Spanish vihuelist (.mid)
Allemande  by deVisee FREE Theorbo piece by a leading French composer.
Rhapsody for a Dancer
Free-wheeling, programmatic, expressive piece. Intermediate/advanced. $3.00 US (.mp3 excerpt -- new window)
Courante by duBut le Pere  FREE An elegant courante from 17th century France. Intermediate
Song Without Words No. 1 purchase Wistful piece, written as a farewell to a friend. Intermediate. $3.00 US (.mp3 excerpt -- new window)
Song Without Words No. 2 purchase A love song for solo guitar. Subtle, lilting South American feel. Intermediate. $3.00 US
Song Without Words No. 3 (Prayer)   purchase An original piece of moderate difficulty. Gentle, expressive. $3.00 US (.mp3 excerpt -- new window)
Sonata Allegro FREE
A piece in sonata allegro form in the style of Giuliani. Great fun! (.mid)
Wayfaring Stranger
An old folksong.  $3.00 US (.mp3 excerpt -- new window)
A solo version of an award-winning guitar quartet piece. Intermediate to advanced.  $3.00 US  (added February 2005)
Tune for Conor (added 5/05)
A lyrical piece with a slight jazz sensibility. Intermediate. $3.00 US
Recit du Pecheur (added 5/05) FREE
transcription of de Falla piece from El Amor Brujo
Miniature No. 1 (added 7/05) FREE
The first piece I ever wrote for guitar solo; it's a bit of work for 35 seconds of music, but then you could always play through it twice! 
Lute Transcriptions I
A set of 5 Baroque lute pieces transcribed for guitar. Weiss, Tauseana, Lauffensteiner. Intermediate. $3.00 US
Five Small Pieces for Guitar (added 2/06) FREE
A set of expressionistic pieces I wrote while very much under the influence of the Second Viennese School of Schoenberg, Berg, and Webern. Each piece is a minute or so in duration. Here's an mp3 (unmastered) of the first piece.
Nocturne (Love's Wisdom)
A love song. Allusions to and influences from Cuban folksongs, S.L.Weiss, and Impressionism. Intermediate. $3.00 US (added May 2006).
Romance No. 1
This started out as an improvisation; it still has a very free, romantic, rhapsodic sense to it. Intermediate. $3.00 US (added August 2007).
a printable copy of every piece on this page -- secular, sacred, the works! A $64 value for only $25; I will burn them to a CD and send them to you -- and I pay the postage (to anywhere in the world)! (If you prefer that I just email them all to you, just let me know)



Sacred Pieces


Hymns Book One
$5.00 US purchase

Includes Be Thou My Vision
We Gather Together (.mp3 excerpt -- new window)
Balm in Gilead (.mp3 excerpt -- new window)
I Love to Tell the Story (.mp3 excerpt -- new window)
Hymns Book Two
$5.00 US purchase
Includes Fairest Lord Jesus
Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus (.mp3 excerpt -- new window)
Beach Spring
Love Divine, All Loves Excelling (.mp3 excerpt -- new window)
He Leadeth Me
$3.00 US purchase
I like this one a lot (.mp3 excerpt -- new window) Added 9/03.
What Child is This $3.00 US purchase Traditional English piece(.mp3 excerpt -- new window)
Advent Hymns $5.00 US purchase Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus + What Child is This
This Is My Father's World  (added 5/05) FREE
Traditional hymn; this is a good free introduction to the way I set hymns.
Jesus Loves Me (added 6/05) FREE
Traditional hymn
Amazing Grace (added 8/05)
Traditional hymn

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