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The following guitar in ensemble pieces were composed by Tim Brace. The scores on this page can be downloaded for free.

Tim Brace retains all rights of publication and all relevant copyrights. For any piece that you download, you may make an appropriate number of copies for your own use only.
If you think others might be interested in any of these pieces, please direct them to this page. If for some reason they cannot get here, you may give them copies.
Having them come here helps us keep track of how many (and which) pieces have been downloaded.

Some pieces have links to downloadable audio files. These are midi files. The midi files are offered to give you an idea of the arrangement; keep in mind that they are products of a computer, not of a performer.

Last pieces added: "Sweet and Various the Woodlark", May 2020; Two Medieval Pieces for flute and guitar, June 2020.

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Pieces Notes
Guitar Quartets
Fantasy on a Shaker Hymn Guitar quartet based on the American Shaker tune "Simple Gifts." For advanced players. (.mid)
Guitar Quartet No. 1 A three movement guitar quartet for intermediate/advanced players.
midi files: I II III
Rondo for Four Guitars: a Love Song
Guitar quartet for intermediate players. (.mid)
Tejana: Romanza for Four Guitars A single movement piece for guitar quartet that won First Prize in the Austin Guitar Society's Composition Competition for 2004-2005. For lower intermediate players. (.mid)
Water Over Glass Guitar quartet in the style of Glass, Riley, Reich, etc. (i.e., minimalistic). Should be playable by first or second year students. A fun piece and a good introduction to an important modern musical style.
The full score is no longer available from this site; the rights have been purchased by The Childbloom Company.
Please contact The Childbloom Company for further information.
Guitar Duets
En Frolyk Weson An arrangement, for guitar duet, of a 15th century song by Barbireau. The approach taken here was that of making an arrangement for two Renaissance lutes, so there are some cadential roulades added. A fun piece for intermediate or advanced players. (.mid)
Spanish Dance No. 2 (Granados) Transcription, for guitar duet, of this wonderful piece originally for piano.
Zarabanda Vivo A fast, sensuous, perpetual motion piece in a very expressionistic style; for guitar duet. Advanced/Professional. Here is a midi file of the full piece -- again, note that it does not accurately render many of the more interesting timbral features of the piece (pizzicato, harmonics) but gives somewhat of an overall feel. It also plays at a faster tempo than would be required. (.mid)
Guitar and Flute or Violin
Sevillanas A short dance for violin and guitar (or flute and guitar) that was written as incidental music for F. Lorca's Blood Wedding. Very rhythmic and aggressive, in a modern harmonic idiom. Advanced (.mid)
Sonata for Flute and Guitar Three movement piece for flute and guitar; A true duet (the guitar is not just accompaniment).
Written in a modern expressionist style (lyrical, but lots of dissonance). Advanced/Professional.
Two Medieval Pieces Arrangements of two medieval pieces for violin and guitar (or flute and guitar). The first piece is a melodic song; the second is a fast, energetic dance. My accompaniments fit the style well, with a few modernisms added. College level. Available for purchase at (mp3)
Variations on a Shaker Theme A small set (about 6 minutes)  of variations on the American Shaker tune "Simple Gifts." For flute and guitar. The theme is at the end. The variations are in an expanded tonality, but very lyrical. For advanced/professional players. This is a true duet, not for flute and "accompaniment."
Guitar and Voice
sweet and various the woodlark An original setting, for solo soprano voice and guitar, on lyrics by the Beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti.
An appropriately modern setting for this wonderful poem. Advanced level.
That 'sensual phosphorescence my youth delighted in' An original setting, for solo soprano voice and guitar, on lyrics by the Beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti.
An aleatoric setting for this evocative poem. Advanced level.


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